Wedding FAQs

I like what I see, how do I know if you are available to shoot my wedding?

Fabulous! I would love to discuss your wedding with you.  Just send me a message through the contact page on this website.  Tell me what your wedding date is and I will check my calendar and let you know if I am available for your wedding date.  I only accept about 20 weddings per year so that I can stay connected to my Brides and give them the best service possible. 


Do you travel?

Yes! I have photographed weddings all over South Carolina, as well as St. Louis, Mexico, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic and Italy. My passport is always ready and waiting! 


How  do I book you for my wedding?

To reserve me as your photographer, I always recommend a meeting so that we can meet and sign the contract in person.  Your wedding photography is of the utmost importance and you need to make sure that we will be a great fit together!!  If an in-person meeting isn’t possible, then we can Skype or FaceTime.  To complete the booking, you will need to complete and sign a wedding contract, a model release and pay a non-refundable retainer fee of 30% of your chosen collection price .  Once I have received your retainer and signed contract, the date is yours!!!   (Please understand, I speak with A LOT of brides about A LOT of wedding dates, and unfortunately, there is just no way for me to remember them all or keep up with them – so just because we may email or talk about your wedding date, it does NOT mean that your date will be held or “penciled in” without a deposit). No Wedding date will be reserved without a retainer and signed contract.


Do I really need an engagement session?

Short answer: YES!  Long answer: I consider these sessions to be so important that I actually include (aka: GIVE) you this session with any collection you purchase. Why? Well, not only do you get some amazing images of the two of you together, they are actually important for another reason- so that the three of us can get to know each other better.  Believe it or not, It’s kind of daunting to be in front of a camera.  This session let’s you become at ease with being yourself while having a camera pointed at you constantly.  Also, I get more insight into who you are as a couple- how you interact, how you naturally interact with each other and a better sense of your “real” facial movements (so you don’t give me any FAKE smiles).  And you get to know me,  how I shoot and what types of things I may ask from you to get great images of you.  All of this prepares us for the wedding day! Engagement sessions are typically scheduled at least 6+ months prior to the wedding date. These are typically scheduled Monday – Thursday, during the last 2 hours of daylight.  


When should I schedule my Bridal session?

Bridal sessions are a little more time sensitive…Once you get your dress in, contact me ASAP so we can start looking for a date, but you need to try to have these done no later than about three months prior to your wedding.  This will ensure that you have enough time to choose your portrait image and have it ordered in enough time before the wedding. These are typically scheduled Monday – Thursday, during the last 2 hours of daylight.  


Do you have a studio?

Yes, I do have a studio in my home, however it is on the small side and better suited for babies and kiddos.  Engagement and Bridal sessions are shot outdoors. 


Do you offer digital image files of the engagement sessions, bridal sessions and wedding?

Professionally edited digital images with reproduction rights (up to print size 8×12) are included with each wedding collection, engagement and bridal session. 


What is a First Look ?

A first look is when the Bride and Groom see each other on their wedding day, prior to the ceremony.  This is primarily for picture purposes…and can be a great opportunity to get images that I might not otherwise be able to capture. It allows us more time to photograph the two of you together without being so rushed (and gives you more pictures!!)  Sometimes, this may even be a necessity depending on daylight savings time!  Please read more about a First Look HERE


What kind of equipment do you use and do you have backups?

I shoot Canon everything and have backups for my backups!  (Seriously…I’m just careful like that).  I have two 5D Mark IV camera bodies, and shoot only Canon Professional L-series lenses (zooms and primes), three Speedlite 600 RT flashes as well as Alien Bee strobes and on-location battery packs. No, I do not believe that the equipment necessarily ‘makes’ the photographer…however I do take my job very seriously, and I rely heavily on my equipment to perform when I need it to, so for that reason, I only buy the best of the best : )

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